Thursday, 4 February 2016

How To Make Your Child Eat Their Lunch?

Looking for healthy and yummy food for your children! Yes, you signed up with Bite Fresh. We provide lunch for your kids which are made in our hygienic kitchens and are most delicious & nutritious for your children. Which will never make them skip or waste lunch at school.

Bitefresh menu has the variety of kid’s favourite cuisines like Indian, oriental, kids special and combo lunch. We serve it hot and fresh for your hungry kids at school.

A well-balanced and nutritious lunch helps children stay active and focused, and improves their capacity to learn, grow, and succeed in School.

Plan your lunches by selection our 16 daily delicious menus with healthy nutrition options in advance.

Kids get to choose between a great selection of healthy and favourite dishes and drinks in the lunch line when they get their daily entree.

We follow Professional Nutritionist’s advice, who deliberately look after the nutritional facts for every food listed in Bite Fresh. With our professional nutritionists, we are very careful in excluding allergic items as well as non-recommended as per the age-group of your children.

Yes, indeed. We make your children happy by providing balanced nutrition and healthy yummy foods and makes eating lunch a delicious activity for school going children’s .Dipping, stacking and twirling kids will tell you that Bite fresh are fun too.

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Are you getting bored when cooking? BITEFRESH.COM will be your best companion hereafter. Know why?

Ever dreamt of giving a surprise lunch package for your children being in home or office? Yes, it’s happening now!!! BITEFRESH.COM introduces lunch box delivery service for the busy parents in Chennai.

BITEFRESH.COM has teamed up with popular chefs and a robust delivery network for its customers.

BITEFRESH Chef Team has selected the food menu by strict criteria and examination that will make the child happy and eat lunch completely without wasting.
Our Food is cooked in a hygienic kitchen ensure that will ensure quality and taste. We have researched widely and understood the culture and lifestyle of our people and will be making food accordingly. We also made sure our food menu are nutritional with consultation of child nutritionist experts. Our expert chef do prepare the food to meet parent’s expectation and care for their lovable kids.

 BITEFRESH have included a comprehensive menu for kids from potato salad with green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken breast skewers, turkey meatballs spiced with fresh mint, broccoli pasta salad, grated carrot salad with raisins, fruit skewers, pumpkin seed soup and we guarantee all these will be a healthy alternative to those fried chickens and French fries.

We guarantee every day there is a different set of menu to choose for your kids. We have also tied up with schools for a smooth delivery to your kid’s lunch table at their school.

 You can visit BITEFRESH.COM website to place your order for a single day or the whole week so the lunch box reaches your kids at the correct timings. You can choose where to deliver whether at doorstep or at the school gate or at any camps in and around Chennai. And guess what! We ensure the lunch reaches your children hot and fresh. With very affordable pricing and many other added advantages BITEFRESH will be your children’s and your favourite destination for school lunch every day.

 Do you have a question, comment, compliment or concern regarding Bite Fresh? Before you start, kindly have a look at our Help section.

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